Sunday, October 6, 2013

Why You Should Stop Wasting Your Money on Body Detox Products

"There's a reason medical textbooks don't have chapters on detoxification. Eating well and exercising is going to do a lot more for you than spending money on magic pills and rituals invented by marketers; don't get ripped off."


  1. my wife just started with this bull shit can someone please tell me what to say so that I can convince her this thing is a scam.

    1. Nothing unfortunetly, you'll have to deal with it at the mean time, pretend that you support her decision, because if you don't, you would get into countless arguements with her, and in worst case scenarios, she would file a divorce.

      Maybe try to show her this blog?

  2. Eventually she'll find out on her own it might take some time but let's hope it doesn't take too long, remember she's brain washed!